Into Haili
Haili Fortune Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Haili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.) has a registered capital of 500 million yuan and total assets of 3 billion yuan. There are 7,280 employees and 1,200 various engineering and technical personnel. The company owns two coal mines, Shiqiao Coal Mine and Qilin Coal Mine in Guizhou Province, and has a controlling stake in Shandong Tongchuang Automobile Radiator Co., Ltd. and Huahong Automobile Brake Parts Co., Ltd...
company culture
Haili gathers the strength of Haili with its profound culture, enhances Haili's brand, and develops Haili. "Inclusive of all rivers, Rio Tinto in all directions, looking to the world, eternal development, pioneering and advancing" is the lofty ideological realm of Haili people.
Business management
The 24-character management policy "Straighten out relationships, clarify responsibilities, improve regulations, standardize behavior, strengthen supervision, and implement strict implementation"
Company mission
Responsibility is competitiveness and cohesion. The stronger the sense of responsibility, the lower the loss, the fewer failures, and the greater the hope.
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