Qilu industrial university experts to guide group genesis company technology innovation

On March 30, to promote manufacture-learning-research cooperation, qilu industrial university, professor, school of mechanical and automotive engineering, taishan scholars Zhang Bingrong, and technology Wei Mingzhi section chief, Dr Qiu Hua winter, such as three people, under the guidance of hong-dong duan, deputy head of the county government to guide company technological innovation.
After the company, professor Zhang Bingrong 3 people under the guidance of the board of directors of the company secretary Mr Into production line, communicate with shop staff and technical staff related ask production process, technical problems; After visiting the site, on the third floor conference room to watch the company's image promotion and related publicity materials have a certain understanding to the company, then professor Zhang Bingrong qilu industrial university school of mechanical and automotive engineering are introduced the basic situation; Then my company technical personnel meet ? on the research and devel
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