Speech by Chairman

The red glow off the road, promoting the journey of the rooster! 2016 is gone, the new year has arrived. Here, on behalf of the board of directors and the Party committee, to you and through you to your family, I wish you all in the new year, good health, family harmony, happiness and peace, good luck!
Over the past year, the development of the group is still relatively difficult, coal based industries continued losses, non coal industry increasingly fierce competition, a significant reduction in corporate profits, the company's business development is facing tremendous pressure. To walk out of predicament, we have launched a series of turnaround reform initiatives, including further lowering the efficiency of work, including the deepening of institutional reform, including the group to actively promote the transformation of private enterprises, etc.. The development of the reform has never stopped, world without end, which is consistent with our Haili group over the years has always adhere to the "forge ahead, never satisfied" business realm. In the ice company to cope with various difficulties, ahead of the process, the cadres and employees and their families and to the difficulties faced by enterprises and the implementation of the reform to show understanding and support, great here, on behalf of the board of directors of the group and the Party committee to extend my most sincere thanks to you and your family!
Comrades, 2016 is a year of hard work, in order to protect the survival and development, we continue to strengthen internal management, saving and lowering the efficiency; strengthen the technology innovation, manufacturing and management innovation, to drive innovation as the motive force of improving the quality and efficiency; at the same time, strengthen the market, efforts to develop high-end market. The full flowering of the international market. Through multiple channels, a full range of reform and development, laying a solid foundation, hard skills, comprehensive planning, and difficulties.
At the beginning of the new year, a new journey has been opened Everything looks fresh and gay.. 2017 China's macroeconomic outlook for: generally stable, more balanced structure, continue to implement prudent monetary policy, manufacturing growth will remain stable over the same period, the market competition will be more intense. We go through the development of the most difficult 2016, realized the difficulty bucked the trend, 2017 all the staff should continue to redouble their efforts in unison , fully grasp the work innovation, cost reduction, open up "three aspects. Actively integrate market resources, expand market capacity, enhance the market size and grade; vigorously strengthen technological innovation, strengthen the efficiency; deepen the standardized management and stronger the main industry, and constantly improve the institutional mechanisms to strengthen brand building, unswervingly promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure and product structure. Everyone should have a long-term perspective, the overall concept, do not care about the pros and cons of a short duration of time. The management of cadres at all levels, labor model, the Communist Party, to cherish honor, remember our mission, with an exemplary role to enhance the appeal and influence, to lead the development of the "vanguard". I believe that with the joint efforts of the cadres and staff, we will be able to create a new group of brilliant development, and write a new chapter.
Comrades, grand blueprint has been drawn, be enthusiastic and press on time! Let us with more enthusiasm, more exuberant, more pragmatic style, to seize the day, Time will not wait for me. the sense of urgency and responsibility, roll up its sleeves, puxiashenzai, down flow, solid work, and constantly create a new situation in the development of the group, efforts will become the group construction of independent innovation ability, the ability of resource allocation, risk control ability, corporate governance, and first-class private enterprises to optimize the layout structure, excellent corporate image. Finally, once again wish you all a happy new year, happy family, happy and healthy!
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