Group held the 2017 safety work conference


At the beginning of the new year reporter correspondent Yan Tingju Zhang Shuli reported that Everything looks fresh and gay. Recently, the safety work conference held in the group once a year of stone coal mine four floor conference room. More than 160 people attended the meeting on behalf of the group's subsidiaries in charge of safety work and staff representatives. The meeting was presided over by the stone coal mine Xian friendship; group company general manager Wang Ruli made an important speech. Xu Yonghu, chairman of the relevant departments of the leadership of the president, Liu Haijian, sitting on the rostrum.
Wang Ruli, general manager of the 2017 group security work conference speech is divided into three parts. The topics of the meeting will be summarized in 2016 aspects of safety work in every aspect. At the same time, the work of safety production in 2017 made an important deployment. In particular, the current situation of high risk coal industry group, combined with a number of recent incidents in the country has been a profound description of the education and guidance of cadres and staff to keep in mind the lessons of blood, always tighten the safety of this line. The non coal companies from management of coal mining enterprises, prominent in the strict efforts.
The meeting pointed out: "in 2016, the coal mine geological structure bridge complex, roof stability, mining face in the bottom part of the section for the whole drum, rock, roadway deformation is serious, repeated individual roadway maintenance, maintenance of large amount of different degrees for ventilation, coal transportation equipment, material transport difficulties, restricting the normal operation mine safety production. Especially in the 3412 and 3406 working face mining ventilation system of long tunnel roof caving easily, pose a threat to the working face of production, according to a series of complex and changeable situation, mine level leading cadres responsibility, innovation management, and make timely and effective measures to control the roof fire, adjusted for the working face wind, are the pressure of fire prevention and control, accelerate progress, effective control of carbon monoxide gas overflow; from the source control of roadway with high caving area. Through the special measures to strengthen the support to prevent the roof pumping, control the production of high temperature points, abnormal early detection and early treatment, timely sealing cap to ensure that fire prevention and control work is solid and effective. These achievements are hard won. Also soaked in the safety of front-line cadres and staff sweat."
The meeting stressed: Recently, the national production safety situation is extremely severe and complicated, all kinds of accidents happened more frequently, more serious, resulting in adverse social impact, we must deeply learn lessons from the accident, remember that "development must not be at the expense of the cost of human life", firmly establish the "safety and development of the supremacy of life" and "safety the production work must always start from zero" concept, always tighten the string of safety, alarm bells ringing, unremittingly. Always keep sober and vigilant, carefully identify and analyze the existing problems and gaps, and resolutely prevent paralysis and relaxed mood, to correctly handle the relationship between safety and production, safety and efficiency, security and development, to fully understand the extreme importance to the work of production safety, strengthen the sense of responsibility for production safety work and the sense of crisis and urgency.

The meeting focused on the deployment of 2017, the group facing the new situation and new tasks and new challenges, we will always adhere to the "safe development, life first" concept, continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of "safety committee chairman", in strict accordance with the "yigangshuangze" requirement, leading cadres at all levels of responsibility for the implementation of fine, solid foundation the work of production safety, and resolutely curb accidents happen, the same goal, the same task, to further clarify the responsibilities of leadership, responsibility and responsibility of supervision site management, ensure the safety measures are in place. One is to continue to implement director and deputy directors, functional departments responsible person, area District, screeners hang District system, layers of signed letters of responsibility, to deep underground scene, clear responsibilities, strict implementation of the system implementation, wells mine managers, on-site command and strengthen the investigation and management of risks, all require all management cadres energy and concentrate on safe production, implement the safety production responsibility system strictly. The two is to strictly regulate the system execution, reporting time, on-site disposal and assessment key, the system must ensure that the wells with the class, under the strict implementation of a comprehensive place. Well personnel class, must achieve the "two simultaneous" and "three time" and "three go", "three to the scene". The "two simultaneous" with the workers well, or well; "three time" in time with ground control room, timely grasp of mine safety production dynamic, timely find and deal with the problems in the safety production; "three" is not hidden arrangements go, prevention measures are not in place not to go responsibility is not implemented, people do not go to. Three to the scene, that is, the focus of the region, focusing on the prevention of parts: personnel to the scene, the implementation of the measures to the scene, problem solving at the scene. Again, in charge of leading cadres and the valet, no later in the morning, and transfer in field classes, each class respectively in succession, shift classes, according to the provisions of the report, all management cadres must do the center of gravity, sooner, to ensure the safety production. Three is to carry out in-depth investigation of hidden dangers, in addition to hidden activities. The top and bottom of the group will always be the first to lay the groundwork for the investigation and management of hidden dangers. To grasp the machine management, enhance the management level of Electromechanical, strengthen the fine management of electromechanical maintenance, increase assessment efforts, strict implementation of equipment maintenance, strengthen the main equipment maintenance time and static scene dynamic inspection, conscientiously carry out the fine management of mechanical and electrical. Focus on improving transportation management, strengthen management to promote personnel, to ensure normal operation at the same time, strengthen the hidden danger, to crack down on illegal behavior, especially on the inclined shaft hoisting system, and small winch and the working face of electromechanical management; real highlight catch one three, ensure the standard of gas control. The ventilation and reliable extraction standards, monitoring and effective management in place, "the comprehensive gas control system as the focus, grasp the mining ventilation quality standard construction and ventilation facilities management. The construction in strict accordance with the quality standards, to ensure ventilation facilities in good condition and reliable; timely adjustment of mining ventilation system, air leakage control, ensure the volume of each working face meet the requirements; to strengthen the gas monitoring system maintenance and adjustment, the failure to eliminate timely, ensure the normal operation of the system.
The stone coal mine salty friendship in Wang listen to his speech, he further pointed out: "the new version of" coal mine safety regulations "on October 1, 2016 onwards, all units must continue to conscientiously study and publicize and implement the laws and regulations on new production safety as an important task in the educational programs, strengthen leadership, elaborate organization, careful planning, to work carefully and realistically, to ensure the safe production work to achieve tangible results. Security is a long way to go, security isn't everything, but deny everything, we must firmly establish "safety responsibility consciousness and no danger of anything going wrong" "no one" sense of urgency. We must be prepared to keep in mind the lesson of blood; must always remain sober minded, always strained the string of safety. Hope that the majority of cadres and staff spirit, unity of thought and belief in a positive and enterprising spirit, full of passion for work, good working attitude, aim, difficulties, forge ahead, to carry out the work, and make greater contribution to the realization of safe production work in 2017".


Group held a summary of the work of the general assembly Feng Zhenshan commended the work of the meeting presided over by Wang Ruli
Speech by Chairman