Group held a summary of the work of the general assembly Feng Zhenshan commended the work of the meeting presided over by Wang Ruli

(reporter Meng Chong reports) January 19th, the group held a summary of the 2016 annual recognition of the general assembly.
Chaired by the group vice chairman, general manager Wang Ruli. The meeting, staff read "about the year 2016 in recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals" and "on the 2016 annual award of science and technology innovation, management innovation decision"; outstanding performance in the year 2016 in the work of the advanced collectives and individuals to collect the prize, group leaders issued prizes and bonuses for them.
Feng Zhenshan, chairman of the 2016 annual work report. The chairman reviewed the work of the past year in the report. He said that since 2016, the development of the group is still relatively difficult, coal based industries continued losses, a significant reduction in corporate profits, the company's business development is facing tremendous pressure. To reverse the unfavorable situation as soon as possible, the correct leadership of the group of superior departments and support, around the county's overall economic and social development, United, hard working, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, strengthen the value thinking and benefit oriented, efforts to consolidate the security infrastructure, efforts to adjust and optimize the structure, strengthen management, accelerate driven by innovation, efforts to promote the efficiency, efforts to improve the management level. In the process of the company to deal with all kinds of difficulties, climbing over the ridge, the cadres and employees and their family members and company Xintiexin, enterprises are facing difficulties and the implementation of the reform show great support and understanding, in this regard, chairman on behalf of the group to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone.
The chairman of the report and together we briefly review the development situation of the group of coal industry, auto industry and other industries, mainly analyzes the difficulties and problems, to make the cadres and staff to further understand the situation.
The meeting identified a "focus on the theme of the transfer and adjustment of structure, to further improve the ability and level of intensive operations, in accordance with the" comprehensive innovation, comprehensive cost reduction, comprehensive development of the general requirements, and constantly improve the quality of development, in the path of transformation and upgrading has taken a new step. "The guiding ideology for the group's work in 2017.
Chairman of the group in 2017 to deploy the focus of the work of the various subsidiaries of the work of a specific and clear arrangements.
The chairman stressed, at all levels, departments and units to seize the day, Time will not wait for me. the sense of urgency and responsibility, the company will strive to build the ability of resource allocation, risk control ability, strong team, first-class corporate governance of private enterprises, optimize the layout structure, excellent corporate image!
At the end of the meeting, the head of the group's subsidiaries made a statement.
Group management personnel, the coal, subsidiary responsible comrades, by the recognition of advanced units, advanced individuals and representatives of some of the staff to participate in the general assembly.
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