Group party held at the county on behalf of the fourteenth Party Congress election meeting

Reporter Zhang Shuli reported in December 31st 9 in the morning, group Party elected to attend the county on behalf of the fourteenth Party Congress meeting held in the conference room four building stone mine. 12 Party branch 59 party members on behalf of holding a vote on precious solemn red boxes.
To do the work at the beginning of the candidate selection step by step, group Party attaches great importance to and has held a party committee, to convey the "notice" on the election committee of Communist Party of Ningyang County China work on behalf of the Fourteenth Congress and representative election work conference, and discuss the development programme of work.
After the nomination, the branch (Branch) comments, and by more than the number of deputies to more than 30% of the proportion, put forward a preliminary list of recommended candidates, the top-down comments, after full deliberation, county Party committee held to determine the fourteenth Party Congress candidates preliminary candidate list of inspection. After the inspection, the unit of the candidates for the Party branch (Branch) and the views of the masses of Party members to determine the 3 nominees.
The meeting coal bureau Party committee considering the grass-roots party organizations, Party members and cadres work, careful planning, set up 3 branch field, namely: Coal Bureau, Party committee meeting, Party committee of Huaning Haili field. 10 representatives of the election primaries, he (she) in different positions are from 3 units of the comrades, meeting to adopt a uniform time, unified logo, uniform votes, unified election procedures and equal manner, through the difference between the two links, 7 elected official representatives to participate in the county, the fourteen party congress. After selection, the group Bao Guilin, goofy two comrades were elected.
The meeting was presided over by Wang Ruli, chairman of the trade union, commissioned by the party secretary of the Party committee, Mr. Feng Zhenshan, delivered an important speech on behalf of the Secretary of state, Mr. Zhang Jun. County coal bureau Party committee, deputy director Yang Dongchen, director of the office of Liu Lei, attended the meeting. Through the joint efforts of all Party members, the meeting has successfully completed the scheduled tasks.
The group was awarded the 2016 degree of enterprise management and corporate culture in Taian City
Group held a summary of the work of the general assembly Feng Zhenshan commended the work of the meeting presided over by Wang Ruli