The group was awarded the 2016 degree of enterprise management and corporate culture in Taian City

Reporter Meng Chong reported recently, "the thirtieth Tai'an modern enterprise management innovation achievements" and "the 2016 Tai'an outstanding enterprise culture achievement contest results were announced," innovation group, lowering the efficiency of work and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises "a prize awarded this year's management achievements;" to strengthen party culture construction to improve the scientific level of party two this year's cultural achievements won the prize.
Over the years, the group attaches great importance to the modernization of enterprise management mode and enterprise culture construction, efforts to adjust the structure, vigorously develop the non coal industry, the development of low-carbon economy, perfect enterprise management system, and actively undertake social responsibility, pay attention to play an important role in the development of enterprise culture in the enterprise, greatly enriched the cultural connotation of the sea and to promote the enterprise comprehensive development. Enterprises in economic strength, product market coverage, social benefits and corporate brand promotion, etc., have made gratifying achievements.
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