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HAILI Fortune Group Co.,Ltd.
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Address:Shandong ningyang economic development zone, panlong mountain road in the middle

             Shandong Haili Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Haili wealth Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Haili group) registered capital of 500 million yuan, the total assets of 3 billion yuan. Existing staff of 7280 people, all kinds of engineering and technical personnel of 1200 people. The company has two coal mine, Guizhou province Shiqiao kylin coal mine, holding Shandong Tongchuang auto radiator Limited by Share Ltd, Huahong automobile brake parts Co. Ltd., a Sino US joint venture of the United States Joint Aviation Parts Maintenance Co. Ltd., HUAYU Auto Parts Co., Haili shibichi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Huitong Machinery Import & Export Co. Ltd., Haili auto science and technology parkinnovation service limited company, Huayi Company, Haili test air conditioning Co. Ltd., Haili Huacheng Haili speed constant Logistics Limited company, Beijing Haili Tongchuang Auto Radiator Co. Ltd., Wuhu Haili Tongchuang Auto Radiator Co. Ltd., Zhucheng Haili Tongchuang Auto Radiator Co., Ordos Haili Tongchuang auto cooling Co. Liuzhou Haili company, Tongchuang automobile heat radiator. The limited liability company, Shaanxi Tongchuang Huaheng Auto Radiator Co., Ltd. children. In recent years, Haili group to focus on the overall development of ideas in the mining industry as the foundation, the auto parts industry as the leading and emerging industries for the future ", the regular pattern of industry, strengthening projects, expanding investment, the Group diversified industrial pattern has been formed.
The auto industry has become the leading industry of Haili group, auto parts industry cluster group key construction, the initial formation of the national high-tech enterprises, Chinese radiator industry leading enterprises, "Shandong Tongchuang auto cooling Limited by Share Ltd" based on the auto industry chain development model. In the auto parts industry focused on creating innovation, testing, manufacturing, logistics, trade, hatching six platform has become increasingly mature and perfect, highlights the benefits of.
Innovation Platform: around the auto industry chain group gradually formed with the construction of the national post doctoral research station, Shandong province academician workstation, Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, engineering technology research center of Shandong Province, Shandong Province, new radiator Engineering Laboratory, Tai'an industrial technology alliance "six in one" three-dimensional, multi angle the high level of science and technology innovation platform, innovation has become the auto parts industry chain development in the drive.
The detection platform: around the detection of auto parts, the purchase of advanced experimental testing equipment at home and abroad, the construction of the Huayi Haili testing center. The center through the National Laboratory CANS certification and CMA certification, was named Shandong public service demonstration platform for smes.
Shandong Province: Incubation Platform Construction Science and Technology Park Business Incubator Haili auto parts, was identified as "Shandong province small enterprise business counseling base", "Shandong province science and technology business incubator, Tai'an science and technology incubator".
Manufacturing platform: around the sea of Ningyang Economic Development Zone auto parts industry production base, focus on building Shaanxi Huaheng, Anhui Wuhu, Guangxi, Liuzhou, Beijing, Zhucheng Erdos six manufacturing base, achieved by "selling the country" to "make the change".
Logistics platform: with the help of provincial logistics support project of logistics and supply chain integration project, the construction of Shandong Haili speed constant Logistics Co. Ltd. the logistics platform.
Trading platform: relying on Shandong Huitong Import & Export Co. Ltd, products are exported to the United States, Europe, Middle East and other countries and regions.
In October 2014, Shandong Tongchuang auto radiator Limited by Share Ltd in the National SME share transfer system (the new board) successfully listed, become one of the 8 companies in Shandong Province, the first centralized docking national share transfer system, Ningyang county is the first in the new three listed companies (securities referred to: create shares, stock code: 831300).
The group has won the "China most growth enterprises", "the second China reform ten advanced collective", "2009 annual Chinese credit enterprise", "Chinese learning organization ten unit", "national coal mine enterprise standardization", "excellent enterprise management innovation in Shandong province", "Shandong Province independent innovation enterprise", "civilized unit of Shandong province", "Shandong Province ten happy enterprise", the "Three Represents" education base, "Shandong Province, the construction of enterprise culture ten units", "Shandong province manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprise", "Shandong Province field management model enterprise", "low carbon Shandong billboard contribution unit" "Shandong star enterprise", "Tai'an top ten enterprises management innovation", academician workstation, post doctoral research station "and other honorary titles.